Friday, 25 March 2011

-Turban-Floral dress-Pointed shoes-

So just before I leave the house my mum's like, "You look like an old women, *giggling* that's what the old lady's wear in Ghana." Although a fashion accessory today, back home we've clearly been wearing these and various styles head ties for centuries!!! #wink wink. Ok so I'm not usually one to jump on a trend, but hey my hair was a mess so what a great way to cover up whilst being relevant.

 FYI:  Definition of Turban
The turban or "pagri" often shortened to "pag" or "dastar" are different words in various dialect for the same article. All these words refer to the garment worn by both men and women to cover their heads. It is a headdress consisting of a long scarf-like single piece of cloth wound round the head or sometimes an inner "hat" or patka. Traditionally in India, the turban was only worn by men of high status in society; men of low status or of lower castes were not allowed or could not afford to wear a turban. To read on visit...


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