Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Ok so after my obsession with Beyoncé's new video, Who Run the World (Girls) i've come to identify a new trend, I call it "GEO GOLD."

In the music video, Beyoncé wears Laruicci's fab Geometric earrings and rings. This week in my Grazia magazine, I came across a collection by Danish-born Henriette Lofstrom who's already enticing celebs such as; Lady Gaga, Shingai and Jessie J. Check it out...I love the Art-Deco meets Aztec shaping, it's amazing and definitely set to dominate this season.

Prices from £70.00-£325.00
For more info and to purchase any items seen follow...

Friday, 20 May 2011

Queen Bey

Just to say, i'm a BIG fan of Beyoncé!!! From the early days of Destiny's Child, to the first time I attended 'The Beyoncé Experience Tour 2007'  concert at Wembley Arena. From this day I respected her even more. Beyoncé has always had a natural and unforced ability purely to perform. Owning the stage, there's never anything less of 110% full out dancing and singing live.

Praising her for all her achievements and accolades to date, she is a great role model of strength and perseverance to our generation. For this, I SALUT.. How could I move on another 24 hours in my life without posting anything from thee official video.

Missed anything in the video? Check out the stills below....

Giuseppe Zanotti chest chastity

Geometric earring and rings (below)- Laruicci 

Shoes- Gareth Pugh

Cut out catsuit (above)- Norma Kamali 

Were you impressed by Queen Bey's wardrobe? 
Are you wondering where those FAB outfits were from and who they are by? 
Let me break it down for you:

There certainly has been mixed feelings of this first track off her fourth solo album. I don't care i'm all up for team Bey!!! How can u hate with that figure, wardrobe, choreography, pure beauty and talent.

Thursday, 19 May 2011


In the past couple of weeks, i've noticed the Goth-like Skull being introduced gradually as a mini trend. From budget to luxury have a look at my fab finds. Follow the links below to purchase...

1. Pumps, £25.00- Kate Kanzier (
2. Anglomania Lady Dragon Pink Skull Bow, £120.00 now £96.00- Vivienne Westwood (
3. Multi Skull Couture Clutch Bag, £458.00- Butler & Wilson (
4. Oversize White Strap Skull, £224.99- ToyWatch (
5. Champagne Newstyle Strap Skull, £224.99- ToyWatch (
6. Blue summer Skull Scarf, £14.00- Miss Selfridge (
7. Warrior Skull Ring, £12.50- Miss Selfridge (
8.Large Crystal Skull Swirl and Tassel Bracelet, £198.00- Butler & Wilson (
9. Gold and silver look two pack off skull stud earrings, £4.99- River Island (
10. Studded Skull Tote, £45.00- Max C (
11. Studded Skulls Bag, £34.00- Max C (


1. Cartoon Skulls Trunks, £5.00 now £2.00- ASOS (
2. White Skull Man T-Shirt, £14.00- Topman (
3. Black Kris Skull, £264.99- ToyWatch (
4. Two Skull On Beaded Y Shape Necklace, £38.00- Butler & Wilson (
5. Skull Ear Buds, £9.99 now £5.00- River Island (
6. Richmond Multi Skull Leather Cuff, £79.00- ASOS (
7. Skull Screw Earrings, £8.00- Topman (
8.White Twin Skull or Dollar Pave Dial, £254.99- ToyWatch (
9. Beige Skull Wallet, £14.99- River Island (

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


It all started off in Helmond, South Holland on 15th August 1846. PF van Vlissingen & Co. (Vlisco) was founded by a man called Pieter Fentener van Vlissingen. Producing and selling hand printed fabrics both home and abroad, this company has been around for more than a 100 years.

SHAPES!!! The common cube, sphere, pyramid and diamond...Vilsco do it again. Another great, infamous and stunning ad campaign has left me speechless...

Design Outfits: Vlisco en Deux D' Amsterdam
Account/ Production: Daphne Story, Production Story
Art Director: Anneke Krull
Photography: Fritz Kok @ Faas Veronique
Post Production: AVP
Sound: Fritz Kok & Otto van der Toom


FAB designs,  FAB pirnts,  FAB hair, FAB accessories to die for and more importantly FAB concept!!!

Friday, 6 May 2011

GIRLS run the world!!!

Beyoncé's about to step back into the music scene after quite a break. Some may not gel with Bey's new track, in fact I was quite shocked to hear that she sampled Major Lazer’s “Pon de Floor.” Don't know about you but i'm dying to see what the music video is going look like. I'm expecting to see some great styling, choreography and a fab concept. So, in my desperation of trying to find Bey's video, I came across this on YouTube by a Sean Bankhead (Choreographer, Dancer and Model)...

Loved how simple yet effective the styling is. A jacket/waistcoat, underwear (bra, knickers, leotard) fishnet tights, boots/heels, chains and studs...ROCK ON girls!!!!

Love this chain!!!

"Who run this mutha ... ?" GIRLS!!!