Sunday, 18 September 2011

'A La Mode' International LFW Catwalk


On Saturday afternoon, I received a last minute invite to the 'A La Mode' fashion show. Since I didn't know what to expect, I Googled a few of the designers and I was impressed. I decided to wear...

Dress (worn as top), Primark | Skirt...forgot shop | Faux Fur Coat, Beyond Retro | Wedges, Sole Footwear | Bag, Vintage

The show took place at the Charing Cross Hotel, Strand. The venue was lovely, warm and cosy with candles lit up the stairs. With a smooth que and Champagne reception, everything was well organised and started on time. Checkout my quick snap with the gorgeous Nollywood Actress- Genevieve Nnaji.


1. Luna Sky (UK)

The collection in my 3 words:
Occassional Wear | Elegance | Quality

2. Nana's Closet (Cairo) by Dina Said 

The collection in my 3 words:
Grid detail | Versatile | Wearable

3. Yu:I&Me (Korea)

The collection in my 3 words:
White | Floral imprint | Minimal

4. Christina Cernei (Romainia)

The collection in my 3 words:
Pixie | Dresses | Fairytale

5. Malgorzata Dudek (Poland)

The collection in my 3 words:
Unique | Amazing | Couture

7. Ghori by Azim Khan (UK)

The collection in my 3 words:
Futuristic | Innovative | Monochrome

8. Monsura Boutique (UK)

The collection in my 3 words:
Bags | Youthful | Vibrant

I must say, the collections I enjoyed most were; Malgorzata Dudek and Nana's Closet. I loved each and every piece of Malgorzata's line. I have much appreciation for uniqueness, creativity and vision outside of the box. With Nana's Closet, I loved the grid details added to a few pieces. It was almost like inside of a tennis racket. Some pieces were quite Chic.  The line was very wearable and would suit any occasion.

Unfortunately my camera died after Nana's Closet :-(
However, I will have some video footage of the final walks asap.


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