Monday, 11 April 2011

BTS (Behind the scene's) -Nude-S n M-Colour Block-Tribal Colour-

More than a TRIPLE THREAT SHOOT with more than one concept. Trust me I have been so busy these past couple of weeks....but I love it all!!!

N'kya bags

Remember guys it's only a sneak peek...tune in soon for the completed shots.

With special thanks to:
Photographer: C.Asare
Make Up Artist: Rasheeda (OTS Beauty)
Hairstylist: Adeola Olaose (Signature by Design)
Models: Abigail Atta-Panin, MsSindi and Thicck Madamme

Much love and appreciation x


  1. AAAwwww love love vee..nice blog; i knew u wr plannin somethin lol

  2. i dont see the nude oooh....lets not leave some people out...!